Celebrity Dating News: Couples On Our Radar This May

celebrity dating news

Well, hello there, you dashing thing! We have to say, those sunglasses look great on you. As does the reflection of good vibes from the rich and famous. You’re here to catch the breeze on who’s smooching who in Celeb Town, and our celebrity dating news this month does not disappoint…

So, for pop fans, film-goers, and those hoping love isn’t dead between the stars and the rest of us, we have some treats in store. Care for a nibble? Of course you do!

More than a Weeknd romance

If we ask you to name one of the most sumptuous actresses in Hollywood, you might plump for Selina Gomez. After breaking out of the Disney mould a few years ago, she’s emerged with romantic partners to kill for. Now she’s with famed artist The Weeknd, and they seemed darn close at their first public appearance together.

We’re talking, of course, about the Met Gala in New York City. Although the Gomez/Weeknd pairing had to rub shoulders with the mother of his supermodel ex-girlfriend (gulp!), they were as pretty as a picture, and she was caught whispering “I love you” into the guy’s ear.

She didn’t Van Out herself straight away

Yes, we sympathise with you: why can’t we be launched from obscurity into the scented bosom of a celeb we admire? Before you reach for the Kleenex, however, take heart from the fact that Denise Van Outen’s partner of three years didn’t know who she was going to be, until they met.

The chiselled chap, a City trader, recalled to OK! Magazine this week: “All I’d been told was that I would be meeting a woman called Denise. When I saw that it was her, it came as a surprise – a lovely one.” There’s still hope for us yet, we say!

A watershed moment for Britney

Thank heavens that Britney Spears seems to be happier than ever in the arms of her beau (and ‘Slumber Party’ co-star), Sam Ashgari. The couple let us have a glimpse into their backyard life recently, posting a special bit of footage on Instagram.

In it, Spears stands on the shoulders of her love giant, balancing fairly well in their swimming pool before she falls nimbly to the water. Could this be further proof that our fave diva has found the right bloke at last? Time will tell, but we’re getting strong vibes.

Trying to hide the X-Factor…

Ah, Olly Murs, the perennial guy-you’d-take-home-to-your-grandma. He’s been doing alright for himself, leaving the talent show scrapheap far behind. Only now, he’s got a harder act to juggle: that of keeping his new flame a secret.

In a second (!!) example of regular folk getting on with the stars, we’re delighted to hear that he’s linked to a girl, Nadine Hermez, who isn’t an actress or backing dancer. Rather, she’s a wannabe singer; the two were spotted at a London cocktail club, their hands roaming over each other. At this present moment, Hermez is a normal, albeit gorgeous person, but let’s see how long that lasts eh…

Beep beep boop – that’s the sound of our dating radar, which never ceases to pick up the goods. Sign up to FreeAndSingle before our next batch of celebrity dating news is delivered, and make your own relationship headline worthy!


Photo Credit: Stephan Solo

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