One Of The Best Dating Sites Just Got Better!

Best dating sites

Relationships evolve, don’t they? You and us, dear reader, may have already gone down a winding, road together, as we’ve nudged you to those beautiful singles at the end of a keyboard. Or, conversely, you might have just seen us in passing, and want to get to know us a little more deeply…

Well, one of the best dating sites – FreeAndSingle, the smoothest, most inclusive love springboard on the web – has had an upgrade or four. As you carry on your search with us, take stock of what’s changed; it’s all for your benefit!

Amazingly fast loading speeds

Ask us to define the 21st century, and we’d talk so fast, you couldn’t understand what we’re saying. That’s because speed is of the essence in so, so many areas of our lives. Dating shouldn’t be an exception – we understand that you want to see all those lucky, luminous singletons in a heartbeat, to match the pounding of your own.

Our web pages now load, generally, in under two seconds. We’ve sent our code monkeys into the digital catacombs, and asked them to do a site overhaul. You can now get love-struck quicker than ever.

Search history is locked in

Few people want to go in blind with a dating prospect. At FreeAndSingle, we already give you several search criteria, helping you mix up those romantic candidates, or trim the herd down to those real, unique button-pushers.

And finally, those search options are saved when you dip out and log back into your profile. Users would previously have to choose their filters over and over when returning to us. From this point on, your last selections stay as they are. There’s no cause for the grumble of a few extra clicks.

Easy navigation on a mobile or tablet

It’s always a nuisance to have your thumbs, fingers and eyeballs straining on a phone screen. You might click on the wrong thing, or just struggle to know where you are in the frame of a website… Hence, our coding team has refined the FreeAndSingle mobile experience.

Managing our interface on a tablet or smartphone device has never been simpler. Go on – log in right this instant, and see for yourself! The pages have a sensible, sharper sense of orientation, and flick between themselves like warm butter on a scone.

App reminders, so your dating is more delicious

You wouldn’t just rely on one set of jokes, would you, to seduce the person of your dreams? No, you’d think and implement other aids to romance. That’s the philosophy, anyway, behind our FreeAndSingle dating game, which takes the form of an iOS app you can play to your heart’s content (and we mean that literally!).

As one of the best dating sites on the web, we’re eager to see you make the most of your online tools. Whenever you hit our homepage on an iPhone, there’s a link straight to the App Store, where our special dating game lies in wait…

These are the four main tweaks and additions we’ve come up with. Doubtlessly, we’ll have more to show you in a few months’ time; all the excuse you need, then, to get cracking with a FreeAndSingle profile! Sign up, turn on, and get serious with your search for a partner.

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