We’ve got a lovely new success story today to inspire all you Free and Single‘s out there! Here is the great story of Andrea and Mick and how they thought that dating for the over-40’s was nigh-on impossible due to other commitments such as work and confidence issues.


Andrea’s Story


Andrea had been single (again) for about 6 months. Her confidence knocked by another unsuccessful relationship and her anti-social working hours meant she didn’t manage to get out and about as often as she would have liked. Andrea decided to give internet dating a try and found Mature Free and Single.


She chatted to a few gentlemen and that was pleasant, but there was no spark with any of them.


After about two months, a ‘Wink’ appeared with a message. Andrea liked the message so checked out the profile. This was Mick….


Mick’s Story


Mick was widowed in September 2011. After seven months he decided to try online dating and found Mature Free and Single.


He enjoyed chatting to two or three ladies, but then he saw Andrea’s profile. Liking what he saw, Mick sent a ‘Wink’, along with a brief message.


Their Story


That brief message turned into long chats.


Andrea and Mick seemed to ‘click’ during these chats and after a week we took the plunge and decided to meet up.


On their first date they both felt that certain chemistry. So much so, they met again only three days later.


From then on they met up as often as was possible. That certain something they felt turned into love and they are now a couple, with weekends away planned, a holiday and most importantly a future.