What Do You Want from a Relationship?

Free and Single Online Dating helps you find the one!

Having signed-up to an online dating website, you must have some idea of exactly why you want to date. If, in thinking about it now, you suddenly realise that your aims for a relationship are somewhat vague, then take some time now to think through what you really want – it will really help you find success on Free and Single.





To help you along the way, we’ve come up with a few questions to ask yourself – go ahead and be a little introspective!


1. Do you want a partner because it seems like all your friends are paired up?


2. Are you looking for casual dates or are you searching for that special someone?


3.  If you met someone who seemed perfect for you in the next ten minutes, would you play coy or go for it?


4. Are you prepared to compromise on the life you have built up as a single person?


5. Are you ready for the change that another person in your life would bring?


6.  Are you dating because its what you are used to – should you consider some time out to just be you?


online dating to find love


Having decided your reasons for starting to date again and signing up for Free and Single’s internet dating service, you should make sure you fill out your profile to the best of your ability (include lots of your personality!) and put a great, recent photo of yourself up.


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