Why Am I Still Single?

Confused that your friends and family tell you you’re charming, intelligent and hilarious but you’re still waiting for for that great partner?


Why are you still single? Take our quiz and find out!


1. How do you describe your dream partner?

a) Gorgeous, intelligent, funny, kind, well-paid – the whole package.

b) Anyone, so long as someone shows an interest!

c) They would be just like my friend, with romance thrown in.


2. Your singleton’s refrain is;

a) I shouldn’t have to settle for anyone less than perfect.

b) No-one ever notices me, so what’s the point?

c) All the good ones are taken already.


3. When you like someone, do you;

a) Wait for them to realize and ask you out.

b) Act into them one second and ignore them the next. Keep ’em on their toes!

c) Make sure they know you’re available and a good friend.


4. A cutie walks into the cafe you’re sat in. You;

a) You sneak glances, but otherwise ignore them when they catch you looking.

b) You bow your head over your laptop and pretend to be busily working.

c) Walk straight over to the bar to get another drink and say ‘Hi’


5. You bump into someone you sort-of know through friends. You;

a) Moan about how since you last met you’re still single and the weather sucks.

b) Ignore them, pretend you haven’t seen or recognized them and hide.

c) Say hi and have a quick chat about your mutual friends.


Mostly ‘A’s – You’re living in a fairy tale

Okay – love is about accepting someone’s flaws as well as their good points. Not to mention, what’s the fun in having a partner who is perfect in every way? That would mean they could never be at fault so the blame would always rest on you. Perfection is overrated, lower your standards a little bit and be willing to meet new people. See who you click with – then learn to love them for who they are, instead of for who you hoped they could be.


Mostly ‘B’s – You’re acting very unnaturally

You have to calm down! Your crazy hot and cold act is confusing, odd and a little bit scary. If you like someone, take a few deep breaths and keep your behaviour on track. Learn to be comfortable in their presence and keep to an easy-to-remember formula. Smile, say hi, compliment them and then ask an open-ended question. Remember to breathe between each step and let them answer and before you know it, you’ll have a conversation flowing!


Mostly ‘C’s – You’re not showing enough romantic interest

You’re a great friend and maybe you’ve known them for a while and are looking to take the relationship further. Maybe you’ve just met and don’t want to come on too strong so you’re playing it safe in the ‘friends first’ category. If you want a relationship with this person, you’ll have to move it up a level so they realize, otherwise it is never going to happen and you better get used to being relegated to that friend position. Little things; like touching their arm when they make a joke and you laugh, holding eye contact for just a little bit longer and smiling, broaching the idea of dinner between just the two of you and a lingering hug goodbye – these are all good ploys for subtly letting them know you would like more.