Are you are Ready to Start Internet Dating?

So, you think you are ready. In ‘that place.’ You reckon you are prepared to start dating again.


Take our Free and Single quiz to give you an idea of whether you are really ready to handle the excitement of dating, of meeting new people and of putting yourself ‘out there’. It can make you feel vulnerable, so you want to be certain you are in the best possible frame of mind before you jump in the deep end!


1) If you bumped into your ex this evening at the pub, what would you do?


a) Ignore them completely, pretend you never saw them and walk back to your friends.


b) Say ‘hi’, then go on with your trip to the bar and continue with your evening, no harm, no foul.


c) Stutter a word that could be ‘hi’, blush and stumble out the door on your way home to eat ice cream.


2) Do you find yourself telling others about what went wrong?


a) Sometimes, if I’m having a particularly bad day or they seem to be in a similar situation.


b) Constantly. If I’m not telling people, I’m thinking about it. All. The. Time.


c) Not really, I don’t dwell on it. The past is the past after all!


3) Did you learn anything about yourself from your last relationship?


a) I found that no matter how hard it gets, I can always survive it.


b) I discovered that sometimes you have to compromise.


c) I learnt that most everything that went wrong was because of my partner.


4) A love song hits the charts. How does it make you feel?


a) Broken inside. I used to have that. Now I’ll be alone forever.


b) Hopeful. I know what that feels like and I know I’ll feel it again.


c) Grumpy. Yeah, yeah, what’s so special about love anyway?


5) Picture this: Your ex knocks on your door, they want you back! Do you;


a) Invite them in for tea and to discuss their reasons.


b) Leap into their arms and accept immediately, no hesitation.


c) Politely decline, telling them you had a wonderful relationship but it ended for a reason.



Tot up your answers to see where your emotional state is…


1. a) 2  b) 3  c) 1

2. a) 2  b) 1  c) 3

3. a) 3  b) 2  c) 1

4. a) 1  b) 3   c) 2

5. a) 2  b) 1   c) 3


You scored between 12 and 15…


Wahey! You’ve taken the time, you’ve accepted the relationship is over and you’re remembering the good times fondly, ready to move on and start dating again!


You scored between 8 and 11…


Hmm, you’re close and its possible a new path is ready to be taken. Might be better to head for a new coffee shop with your pals or a different class at the gym before diving into dating again though.


You scored between 5 and 7…


Oh er – you are in no fit state to be entrusting your wellbeing to the success or failure of dates with strangers! Take some more time (ideally a holiday) and try some new things out to get back on track and move on from your ex.