Free and Single Fun to Have Before the World Ends!

Enjoy the sunset together as a survivors of the end of the world!

The End is Nigh!


As many of us are by now aware, the World is supposedly set to end tomorrow.


This is according to a reading of a Mayan calendar (one of several interpretations) and has got 1 in 10 UK adults in a bit of a tizzy. The rate is even higher in the USA, where a growing number of ‘survivalists’ have started preparing for the inevitable end of mankind as we know it. In Australia, I’m pretty sure most people are just chilling out on the beach with a stubby.


Various theories have been put forward for the way the world will cease to be, Google’s top 4 options are these;

1. Nuclear Fry-Up

2. Economic Meltdown

3. Alien Invasion

4. Zombie Attack

Great dates for the end of the world!


Of course, if the world does end tomorrow (just in case and all that), you want to go down knowing that you spent your last day on earth having a great time. In fact, not just a great time, but a fantastic time.


Suggestions for a little pre-apocalyptic good time;


  • Forget feeling nervous or getting rejected – those are emotions people with long-term prospects worry about! Get out there right now and ask someone out. You never know how great the next 24hrs could be.
  • Certain that blondes have more fun? Head to the hairdressers and bleach your hair! Maybe you fancy some black but your mother always said you could never pull it off. Maybe you want to try the pastel hair colour trend but your job dress code always made that dream a no-no. Do. It. Now.
  • Tonight is the night for the best date ever – head out of work, check into a salon and glam yourself up, no expense spared. Buy new clothes, try every cocktail in the bar and sample the full tasting menu at an exclusive restaurant. Spend the early hours dancing, hot tubbing on a balcony and buying plane tickets to Pacific Islands. No worries about it being a school-night either.
  • Feeling certain that the world is going down? Open all your Christmas presents now – after all, people put thought and consideration into those and you want to play with your booty before it goes up in flames.
  • Stop winking and start talking – send out an introductory note to everyone you like on Free and Single. You never know, the devil-may-care attitude may just result in connections made people you would never have had the courage to message before. If the world doesn’t end? You will be so glad you pressed ‘send’.

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