Enjoy the sunset together as a survivors of the end of the world!

The End is Nigh!


As many of us are by now aware, the World is supposedly set to end tomorrow.


This is according to a reading of a Mayan calendar (one of several interpretations) and has got 1 in 10 UK adults in a bit of a tizzy. The rate is even higher in the USA, where a growing number of ‘survivalists’ have started preparing for the inevitable end of mankind as we know it. In Australia, I’m pretty sure most people are just chilling out on the beach with a stubby.


Various theories have been put forward for the way the world will cease to be, Google’s top 4 options are these;

1. Nuclear Fry-Up

2. Economic Meltdown

3. Alien Invasion

4. Zombie Attack

Great dates for the end of the world!


Of course, if the world does end tomorrow (just in case and all that), you want to go down knowing that you spent your last day on earth having a great time. In fact, not just a great time, but a fantastic time.


Suggestions for a little pre-apocalyptic good time;


  • Forget feeling nervous or getting rejected – those are emotions people with long-term prospects worry about! Get out there right now and ask someone out. You never know how great the next 24hrs could be.
  • Certain that blondes have more fun? Head to the hairdressers and bleach your hair! Maybe you fancy some black but your mother always said you could never pull it off. Maybe you want to try the pastel hair colour trend but your job dress code always made that dream a no-no. Do. It. Now.
  • Tonight is the night for the best date ever – head out of work, check into a salon and glam yourself up, no expense spared. Buy new clothes, try every cocktail in the bar and sample the full tasting menu at an exclusive restaurant. Spend the early hours dancing, hot tubbing on a balcony and buying plane tickets to Pacific Islands. No worries about it being a school-night either.
  • Feeling certain that the world is going down? Open all your Christmas presents now – after all, people put thought and consideration into those and you want to play with your booty before it goes up in flames.
  • Stop winking and start talking – send out an introductory note to everyone you like on Free and Single. You never know, the devil-may-care attitude may just result in connections made people you would never have had the courage to message before. If the world doesn’t end? You will be so glad you pressed ‘send’.

perfect dates for the end of the world online dating ideas


secret santa gifts for couples, daters and crushes

Here are Six Great Secret Santa gifts to give to a crush, a date or as a stocking filler for your partner;

1. Try a Pedometer for Fit Free and Single‘s as they love new gadgets and gizmos to help out their sporting hobbies.

2. A Hot Rocks Gift Set for Professional Free and Single‘s should help them unwind after a busy day.

3. What about a Micro Remote Control Helicoptor for anyone who still feels like a kid at Christmas?

4. How about Chickens for Young Free and Single‘s who want to change the world?

5. We like Love Lottery Scratch Cards for couples in a relationship…

6. Try this Black Hipflask and a bottle of their favourite tipple for Mature Free and Single‘s.

Dating couple kissing in the snow at Christmas

And Three Secret Santa gifts you should avoid giving to your date;


1. Loo Roll

Who wants to associate their date with the toilet?


2. Pocket Sex Guide

Something that should only ever be bought by a couple, for fun.


3. Chocolate Reindeer

Doesn’t show much thought went into the gift, now, does it?


Go On An…

After Hours Supermarket Sweep Expedition

As a new couple, you’ll probably find yourself up at all hours talking and finding out out about each other. Put that time to good use and set yourself a task: to go bargain hunting at some mad time in the morning (I suggest about 2am) at a 24hr supermarket. Relish the empty aisles, check out what each other puts in their trolley, dance to the night shift’s music and snaffle a fresh, still-hot-from-the-oven baked good for an early pre-breakfast snack. Sounds weird, but honestly? This is fun.


Go On An…

Indoor Igloo Build and Movie Adventure

If its raining cats and dogs outside, grab some blankets and as many cushions as you can find and build a tent/fort/igloo in front of the TV. Once you are all warm and snuggly and construction is complete, pop on a movie and curl up with your home made popcorn and drinks to watch it. Childish games are a great way to let down barriers and break the ice, helping you to really get to know each other and enjoy each other’s sense of fun.


Go On A…

Bake-Off Style Mission

If you found yourself glued to this year’s Great British Bake-Off then you need to get your date into a kitchen, stat. Challenge each other to make something from a baking recipe book and set-to with a will. Baking can be stressful, so you’ll get a good idea of how your prospective partner handles hard work. You’ll also get a glimpse into their childhood, as everyone has a baking story from when they were little. Not to mention, when all is done you have two delicious cakes to sample and judge.


Go On A…

Walk through the Wintry Weather Exploration

Wrap up warm for this one. Hold hands as you wander through the rainy countryside, or head out on a snowy day and enjoy a snowball fight. Your pink cheeks will make you both more attractive to the other and the fresh air will stimulate an appetite for a tasty lunch. This date only gets better if you have a dog or can borrow one for a walk. Remember to take a ball or find a stick and prepare to be entertained by the dog’s antics – especially useful if you are shy and need a catalyst to get you talking.


Go On An…

Explore a New Town Escapade

Can you say you know you county as well as your home town? There are attractions and interesting places everywhere, but we often overlook those close to our homes. Try taking a day trip to a nearby town you have never been to before and explore it together. You’ll find any historic attractions, galleries or museums (even if the museum only holds a rusty spoon!) are usually free and you can treat yourselves to a coffee at a hole-in-the-wall cafe (no chains!)


Do you have a ‘type’? Do you constantly fantasise about tall, dark, handsome motorbike riders? Or maybe voluptuous, raven-haired hairdresser’s do it for you every time?


Well, I have to tell you something. Having a ‘type’ of person that you constantly date is kind of daft. Not only are you seriously limiting your pool of choices, but if you are still looking for dates, well, clearly your ‘type’ is not working out so well in the long term.




Be Broad Minded in your Search for a Date

While a certain degree of pickiness about who you spend time with can be a good thing – for instance, don’t give your number to the sexy cat burglar or the dude smoking weed at 11am on a Tuesday morning – being overly choosy about who you deign to spend time with will mark you out as unapproachable and snobbish. Not to mention kind of boring.


Dating should be about pushing your boundaries, meeting different people, finding out and experiencing new things you probably would never have tried on your own. If you date the same ‘type’ every time you leave the house, chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time repeating yourself.


Michelle, 31, from London, UK says;

My date picked me up at 7pm and took me to the restaurant. I had been to the same place twice before…also on dates. I got to thinking – all three dates were about 6’1, dark hair, up-and-coming accountants – clearly, I had a ‘type’ and that ‘type’ was just as clearly not working for me.’

find love with free and single internet dating

Try Looking at Other People Without your ‘Type’ Glasses On

Try expanding your horizons. Just because you don’t instantly feel a pull towards checking out any more of a Free and Single member’s profile because they don’t fit your pre-programmed ‘Must have curly hair’ mentality doesn’t mean that you may actually connect on a deeper level. After all, while we all are guilty of it, judging someone on their appearance is superficial. Your life partner may have poker straight hair but find all your jokes hilarious. Who knows?


Brody, 40, from Sydney, Australia says;

I first saw Mai’s profile and ruled her out. She was a gorgeous Asian women, with long black hair, almond shaped eyes and a killer smile. However, I had always dated blondes before and I was convinced that I was meant to end up with a blonde haired, blue eyed lady. A friend told me to grow-up, so I took a chance and winked at Mai. Not only does she love BBQ and snowboarding, she is the exact height for me to put my arm around her shoulders. We’ve been together for about 4 months now. I’m so glad I took the chance.’


So give it go. After all, variety is the spice of life! Even if you eventually end up with the exact ‘type’ who you always thought you would, it is after all possible that the experiences you had getting to that relationship – and the people you shared them with – that make you who you are and who your ultimate partner finds attractive about you in the first place.


I have no idea where the idea of chat-lines came from.


What is more, I have no idea why they persist. The best way to introduce yourself to someone is with a smile and a

‘Hi, I’m Betty. How are you?’

(Unless of course you are very obviously not a Betty). This ‘technique’ works face-to-face as well as in a message to someone you like the look of on Free and Single because it opens up a line of communication, as opposed to a line of humiliation.


Remember: Open questions lead to conversation. Crazy lines lead to a drink in the face and no friends.


However, for those few try-hard individuals who have attempted to charm their conversational partner with a distinct one-liner…the following is to show you what you must not, ever, use. Seriously, never.


10 Terrible Chat Up Lines to Avoid Like the Plague

  1. ‘Hi there, the voices in my head told me to come talk to you.’
  2. ‘You must be tired because you have been running through my head all night.’
  3. ‘When they made the alphabet they should have put U and I together.’
  4. ‘I said, did you break that hip when you fell from heaven, dear?’
  5. ‘Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past again?’
  6. ‘How many camels can I buy you for?’
  7. ‘Kiss me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your name Gorgeous?’
  8. ‘I’ll cook you dinner if you cook me breakfast.’
  9. ‘Keep it quiet – but I am completely and utterly naked under these clothes.’
  10. ‘Was your father a thief? Because he stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.’


Do the world a favour people – introduce yourself, start a conversation. The only chat-up line I’m putting out there as permissable? (Follow up with the ‘Hi, how do you do…’);


How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice!


You wouldn’t let someone else choose your house, your car or your clothes…why would you let other people dictate to you when and where you can choose your dates? Sure, the odd blind date here and there is opening up your pool of potential dates, but there is no need to completely depend on other people to set you up.


You Can Do It All Yourself

  • You are perfectly capable of making things happen. If you are stuck in a rut, or bored of your routine, it can be so much simpler than you think to break free and make something new and exciting happen.
  • Know that, even if you feel a little apprehensive about the idea right now, self-esteem and confidence are issues you can work on bit by bit, until you are 100% ready to face the dating world again.
  • Leave memos around the house, on your phone or computer or on your desk to remind yourself of everything you want to achieve and everything you are good at – you’ll soon be well on the way to feeling good about yourself and ready to embrace the idea of dating.

Don't wait for Fate to make you a date! Join Free and Single to find Love!

You wouldn’t sit back and wait for fate to deliver the ideal partner tied up in bows on a silver plate…would you? You have to be active, you have to know what you want and then put yourself in the most likely position to get it.


Put Yourself Out There!

  • Try joining a new club in a subject you are interested in – the likelihood is that you will meet people there who share your interest. If you feel a spark, go for it and ask them out! If not, no worries, you’ve probably gained some new friends.
  • Push your boundaries every day. Start small, by trying out a different coffee shop or sandwich place from usual. Move on to bigger things; like going to a movie alone, trying out a new hairstyle or lipstick, agreeing to a blind date.
  • Make a pact with yourself to go out from your home at least three times a week. You can pop to the library to check your emails, hang out in a local cafe to read, or just go for a walk and give yourself some quiet time to just think about things.


Don’t wait for the world to give you a chance at love – you have to get out there, join Free and Single and make it happen for yourself!


Click through now and start your journey, make love happen for yourself by joining Free and Single today.

Join Free and Single today to start looking for love!

Fancy a great date night this Friday but not sure of what to do due to the dropping temperatures and rising prices? Here are our Free and Single ideas for indoor dates;


Get back in touch with your heritage

If you have been on a few dates now and really trust each other (Stay Safe Online Dating!) then it might be a good idea to try staying in and cooking a meal. There are loads of variations on this, but why not try each bringing a dish from your respective family origin and teach each other about what makes you you. Our Asian Free and Singles could try dishes from different regions of Asia and our Black Free and Singles could discover differences from Barbadian cuisine to African specialities.


Get in the holiday mood

If your faith is an important part of your life, you need your date to understand that and the holidays are the perfect time to introduce someone you are interested in to your community. Why not head to a carol concert at your church, Christian Free and Singles and enjoy singing together? Don’t forget to stay afterwards for mulled wine and mince pies while chatting with other members of your congregation.


Try something that is simply fun

As we approach the festivities of December, it’s time to get back to the innocent delight in the season – remember when Christmas was fun and exciting? You didn’t have to worry about being the single one at the family ‘do or about what to wear to the Office party. Cuddly Free and Singles and Divorced Free and Singles, get ye to your nearest ice rink and have an awesome time with your date, whether you are whizzing around the centre of the rink or clinging onto the side.


Stay in touch with the next generation

For our Mature Free and Singles, many of you will have grandchildren you may be looking to spend more time with and for our Free and Single Parents, it’s good to have some time just hanging out with your kids instead of having to actively parent them. Choose an activity you can all do together without distractions, like baking and decorating cupcakes or playing some good old fashioned board games like Monopoly or Cluedo.


Push your boundaries

Here’s a good’un for our Professional Free and Singles which our Wealthy Free and Singles should enjoy too. Head to your nearest theater and buy tickets for the next showing of whatever is on – be it the Vagina Monologues, Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream or a production of Calendar Girls. You get out of it if you have seen it before, but otherwise this is a great way to spark of a discussion and find out about something you wouldn’t have otherwise tried.


Try something new outside your comfort zone

This one is perfect for both out Young Free and Singles who are still looking to define what they want out of a relationship and our Fit Free and Singles who are up for some fitness-based fun. Head to the gym this weekend and bond with each other by trialing a new class together. You’ll help to motivate each other and push each other to be better – if it all goes horribly wrong, you’ll be there at the end to pick each other back up and try something else next time!

I’m calling it. We are officially on the countdown to Christmas now. The window displays are up, the shopping offers are everywhere and a house on my road has been liberally draped in LEDs.

Get flirty under the mistletoe this 2012 with Free and Single Dating

This is the time of year to get caught up in the spirit of things. Kiss someone under the mistletoe, gift a flirty secret santa to your office crush and take a date out for some seasonal fun.


Lacking inspiration? Feeling drained after a long year? No fear, Free and Single is here to spark some ideas for fabulous Christmas themed dates, whether this is your first meet-up or you’ve been dating for a while now, try one of these and let us know how it goes.


Office Party

Now, this is strictly for those who have been dating for a little while – you need the trust that your date isn’t going to wind up drunk and dancing on the table, as it will reflect badly on you. Professional Free and Single‘s, this could be a great way to both network and enjoy an evening together. Multi-functioning date, I like it.

Don't take a first date from Free and Single to an Office Party!

Carol Singing

Whether you can hold a tune or not, a bit of traditional carol singing for a good cause can only ever be a good thing. Trust me. Wrap up warm in your most fetching hat and mittens, grab a bucket and go ye forth and sing! If nothing else, you should get some mince pies and a giggle or two out of it. A great bonding date that our Cuddly Free and Single‘s particularly like.

Sing a Christmas carol with your Free and Single Date Ice rink

Grab your skates! Pack some extra socks and work on getting that oh-so-cute pink flush in your cheeks while dancing on ice. Our Fit Free and Singles will love having a competition between each other to learn new moves – backward skating anyone? There are loads of beautiful outdoor rinks around the UK and USA this time of year.

Grab your skates with a Free and Single Date

Tasting the Xmas Menu

One for our fantastic Mature Free and Singles! These weeks before Christmas, every single restaurant is putting on the ritz and crackers to show you a good time and produce a seasonally inspired menu. Why not book in for a quiet weekday evening and sample the delights the kitchen comes up with?

Try a Christmas special with your Free and Single Date

Mince Pies and Mulled Wine

If you are one of our Free and Single Parents, you are probably gearing up for some serious Christmas madness as your kids ramp up the excitement levels. Take a time out from planning holiday activities and present shopping, sit the kids in front of a classic movie (We like Mary Poppins, An American Tale and Home Alone) and chill out together with a warmed mince pie and mulled wine. Bliss.

Enjoy mince pies this Christmas 2012 with Free and Single Online Dating



Scuba Diving 

Try this on for size – a full length wetsuit in fashionable black neoprene with go faster flashes of blue. Wap on your shocking orange rubber flippers and a fetching pink snorkel set and check in to your local PADI Divers school to learn how to breathe underwater and explore the oceans like a fish. Perfect for Fit Free and Singles.
Great for Fit Free and Singles, Scuba diving makes for a different date night

Zoo keeper

Ready for a walk on the wild side? Why not treat your date to the ultimate in day out activities by booking yourselves in for a day as a zoo keeper. Grab your safari suit, floppy hat and desert boots (maybe pop some rubber gloves in your bag) and off you go. Picking up poo has never been so attractive as when it belongs to an angry tiger! Perfect for Young Free and Singles.

Young Free and Singles will love a day at the zoo

Cabaret evening

Feeling a tad naughty after the Summer sensation that was ‘5o Shades of Grey’? Why not grab your significant other, don some sequinned nipple tassels and French knickers (maybe put more clothes over the top, but it’s up to you) and head to a theatre club (like Proud in London or Brighton) for a light supper and a bit of burlesque action? Perfect for our XXX Free and Single Members.

XXX Free and Singles might enjoy a cabaret evening

Sensory Experience Restaurant

Bored with the same old dinner date scene? Do you get a bit nervous meeting new people? This version of dating will rock your socks! Head to a sensory restaurant (such as Dans Le Noir in London) and enjoy your companions company over a delicious dinner…in the pitch black. Wear your pajamas for all your date will notice, although I’d advise dark colours in case you spill soup all over yourself. Perfect for Divorced Free and Singles.

Great for Divorced Free and Singles who may be feeling nervous about dating again

Go Ape

Like to monkey around with a new date? Harness up and take it to the treetops with one of the Go Ape franchises. Wear tracksuit trousers, trainers and a fleece and then don your climbing gear to scramble around platforms and rope swings high up in the canopies of some of the UK’s best woodlands. Perfect for Free and Single Parents who can take their sprogs along to join in the fun.

Free and Single Parents can take their families along to Go Ape too

Venice Carnival

Got some cash to burn on your date? Why not go all out and fly to Venice for the Mardi Gras carnival? Hire (or commission) some sumptuous traditional gowns and suits and on no account forget the matching masks. Parade around the city on romantic gondalas and sip wine from goblets in St Peter’s Square. Perfect for our Wealthy Free and Singles.

The Venice Carnival is a perfect date for Wealthy Free and Singles

Horse trekking

Get out of the office and into nature by hiring out a horse for a hack. Saddle up and don your riding boots, hard helmet, tweed jacket and tan jodhpurs for a ride about the countryside with your date. Maybe pack a picnic too? Perfect for our Professional Free and Singles.

Get back to nature Professional Free and Singles, with a horse riding lesson

Dinner at a swanky hotel

Do you enjoy getting to know one another over a candlelight dinner by a top chef? Why not dress up in your finest (I’m thinking channel Vivienne Westwood-style tailored evening gowns and Savile Row-style suits), head into the city and choose your destination dinner. Perfect for our Cuddly Free and Singles.

Cuddly Free and Singles can enjoy getting to know each other over dinner

Salsa dancing

Fancy a turn on the dance floor? Ready to get up close and personal with your partner? Why not try a dating dance lesson for some unexpected fun and you never know – you might just discover a new talent! For the ladies; wear swishy skirts in hot colours and low heeled shoes with an ankle strap. Gents; don a fitted shirt (v-neck optional) and smart trousers.  Perfect for our Mature Free and Singles.

Learn a dance move for our Mature Free and Singles

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Splash out on a special occasion with a ride through the skies! Wrap up warm in jumpers, coats, hats and boots so you stay toasty while floating through the clouds in your air balloon. Men and women alike, remember your leather gloves – wouldn’t want that flute of champagne to fall out of your grip now, would we? Perfect for all our Free and Single daters!

All Free and Singles will love a balloon ride!


So, you think you are ready. In ‘that place.’ You reckon you are prepared to start dating again.


Take our Free and Single quiz to give you an idea of whether you are really ready to handle the excitement of dating, of meeting new people and of putting yourself ‘out there’. It can make you feel vulnerable, so you want to be certain you are in the best possible frame of mind before you jump in the deep end!


1) If you bumped into your ex this evening at the pub, what would you do?


a) Ignore them completely, pretend you never saw them and walk back to your friends.


b) Say ‘hi’, then go on with your trip to the bar and continue with your evening, no harm, no foul.


c) Stutter a word that could be ‘hi’, blush and stumble out the door on your way home to eat ice cream.


2) Do you find yourself telling others about what went wrong?


a) Sometimes, if I’m having a particularly bad day or they seem to be in a similar situation.


b) Constantly. If I’m not telling people, I’m thinking about it. All. The. Time.


c) Not really, I don’t dwell on it. The past is the past after all!


3) Did you learn anything about yourself from your last relationship?


a) I found that no matter how hard it gets, I can always survive it.


b) I discovered that sometimes you have to compromise.


c) I learnt that most everything that went wrong was because of my partner.


4) A love song hits the charts. How does it make you feel?


a) Broken inside. I used to have that. Now I’ll be alone forever.


b) Hopeful. I know what that feels like and I know I’ll feel it again.


c) Grumpy. Yeah, yeah, what’s so special about love anyway?


5) Picture this: Your ex knocks on your door, they want you back! Do you;


a) Invite them in for tea and to discuss their reasons.


b) Leap into their arms and accept immediately, no hesitation.


c) Politely decline, telling them you had a wonderful relationship but it ended for a reason.



Tot up your answers to see where your emotional state is…


1. a) 2  b) 3  c) 1

2. a) 2  b) 1  c) 3

3. a) 3  b) 2  c) 1

4. a) 1  b) 3   c) 2

5. a) 2  b) 1   c) 3


You scored between 12 and 15…


Wahey! You’ve taken the time, you’ve accepted the relationship is over and you’re remembering the good times fondly, ready to move on and start dating again!


You scored between 8 and 11…


Hmm, you’re close and its possible a new path is ready to be taken. Might be better to head for a new coffee shop with your pals or a different class at the gym before diving into dating again though.


You scored between 5 and 7…


Oh er – you are in no fit state to be entrusting your wellbeing to the success or failure of dates with strangers! Take some more time (ideally a holiday) and try some new things out to get back on track and move on from your ex.