Top 10 Sydney Date Restaurants: A Summary

It’s been an exciting fortnight here at FreeAndSingle exploring the sexiest, most stylish and down-right irresistible restaurants in the city. The winner has now been announced, and what do you think to the results? Here’s a look back over the Top 10 Sydney date restaurants in case you missed it. Click on the links to read the reviews in full.

10. Miss Marley’s

With South American sharing dishes, a skin full of tequila, and an intimate atmosphere, this quirky vintage bar is a unique setting for Sydney dates.


9. Baroque Bistro

An urban-chic restaurant serving elegant French cuisine, Baroque Bistro transforms from day to night dining, making it perfect for dates around the clock.


8. The Victoria Room

Razzle dazzle your date with the plush sofas and potent cocktails as you tuck into delicious dishes in The Victoria Room.


7. A Tavola

Italian food speaks the language of love, and this bustling restaurant is a top choice if you love European wines and homemade pasta dishes.


6. Jonah’s

Whisk your date away for a romantic meal in a stunning ocean setting at Jonah’s. A truly special spot for a deal-clinching date with a special someone.


Top 10 Sydney Dating Venues


5. Jazushi

Jazzing up the Sydney dating scene with a winning combination of music and sushi, you’ll find plenty to talk about here, and music in case you don’t.


4. Altitude

Feel on top of the world as you clink glasses with your date at this terribly posh spot for dates in Sydney. Fine dining overlooking the harbour, it’s a show-stopper if ever there was.


3. La Tratt

An elegant twist on Italian cuisine, receive star treatment as you tuck into fine food and wine at La Tratt.


2. Reef Restaurant

Walk on the beach to work up an appetite for a helplessly romantic meal at Reef Restaurant. Laid-back fine dining in an unbeatable coastal setting, it’s worth the drive.


1. Rockpool Bar & Grill

A firm favourite on the Sydney dating scene, Rockpool is a people pleaser without compromising on quality food and service. The impressive hall and extensive menu make it number one for a diverse range of ages, tastes and dates in Sydney!
So that’s a wrap! What do you think of FreeAndSingle’s Top 10, would you do it differently? If so, let us know and feel free to comment below.


Next week, we’ll be kicking off our countdown in Melbourne! Looking at the best spots for first dates, those deal-clincher dinners, and special occasions with your partner, we’ll be starting with number 10 on Monday 12th May.


If you know somewhere that’s perfect for Melbourne dates, or perhaps you think your restaurant should feature in the rankings, get in touch! Email to get involved and have your say.


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